How to adjust headlights on Silverado


It is vital to keep the headlights on your Silverado properly adjusted to gain proper visibility at night. The proper headlight adjustment will prevent the light from your Silverado headlights from disturbing drivers in the oncoming lanes.

With careful adjustments, it becomes easy to achieve the best alignment and positioning of the headlight on Silverado.  The materials you will usually need are a star socket set, masking tape, tape measure, and lubricant or grease (optional). You may get these materials from the Aftermarket Headlights for Chevy Silverado.

Go through the below video links to understand more on how to adjust headlights on Silverado:

Now let’s go through each step in detail that shows the way to adjust headlights on Silverado:

Step -1: Mark your wall or garage door:

For marking on your garage door or wall, follow these steps:

  1. Drive your Silverado up to 6 inches of your garage door or some other flat vertical surface.
  2. In case your driveway does not provide a flat and uniform surface from which you could work, it is advisable to use a wall. It is better to use a white or light-colored wall for ease of viewing.
  3. Now turn on your low beam headlights and move on your garage door using your masking tape. Don’t forget to pull the brake so it is appropriately engaged before leaving your cabin.
  4. Prepare a direct center line across the wall or garage door so you can mark the sideways distance between the low beam lights present on the driver’s side and your passenger side.
  5. Include a horizontal center line to test out complete alignment.
  6. In your vehicle, start the ignition and gradually back away from your wall or garage door. Make sure to stay at a precise distance of 24 feet away from the wall or garage door for this step to function properly. To ensure precise measurement, you can use a tape measure.

Step-2: Adjustment of headlights:

  1. Keep the front of your Silverado parked facing the outside part of your garage door. Now pop the top of your vehicle to start the adjustment procedure. Follow the below steps:
  2. Make adjustments of the bolts on your headlights beginning with the bolt closet to the external arc of your left-side guard.
  3. When you do the above step, the bolt will adjust downward resulting in your headlight bending downward.
  4. Now adjust the bolt closest to the engine for moving your headlight either left to right. Use a star socket set to complete this step.

Step-3: Target your headlights:

You need to target your headlights carefully. Make sure the most illumination strikes at approximately 2 inches down from the horizontal line as well as 2 inches towards the right side of the vertical lines. Keep in mind to perform this DIY step yearly because your headlights are prone to misalignment with time.

Step-4: Check the headlights:

It is better to adjust your headlights during the night. This makes sure you can observe the full intensity of the headlights and their alignment. Moreover, give your Silverado a spin once to guarantee that your headlights are at proper height and adjustments as per your preference.

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