Why Car Servicing Is So Important for Smooth Working?

Amelie Lawrence

People spend large sums of money to buy an automobile that can be used to travel and carry goods. A car is a machine that has to be taken good care so that it can last long without much trouble. You can enjoy a smooth ride on a car for longer period of time if you maintain it on regular basis. An effective car service ensures the proper functionality of a car and prevents it from break down which can cause trouble and costly repairs in future. It depends of kind of vehicle you have along with the make and age to determine the schedule of servicing.

Service engineers use specialist high tech equipment such as automotive oscilloscope diagnostic tools, such as the garagely, for troubleshooting communication data stream, sensors, solenoids, actuators, secondary and primary ignitions among others. They are useful in tracking typical electrical waves after the break down of a gadget, with this helpful in the fields of medicine, automotive engineering, telecommunication, and sciences industry.

 Importance of Car Servicing

. Save money: If you fail to service and maintain your car regularly, it may cost you a lot of  money after a certain period of time. Some little things like oil change if avoided can coagulate inside the moving parts and prevents the engine from getting lubrication. Engine can break down which can cost you much more than you have paid for oil change. As a part of car service, you must check and change the oil at regular intervals to keep the engine car running smoothly. Change of oil and air filters can make the car more fuel efficient and reduces the chances of sudden breakdown. So, you can save money on expensive repair when proper maintenance is carried out regularly.

. Safety: Vehicles after running miles on the road face wear and tear in the parts and get deteriorated. With routine servicing the potential problems are identified and right steps are taken to ensure safety of it. This not only solves the big problems that could arise while you are on road but also save you from possible accidents that poor conditioned vehicles face. Critical parts like braking system and suspension are checked regularly as a part of the servicing to ensure that the car does not break down while on the road. So you get the sense of safety irrespective of the condition of the road when the vehicle is in roadworthy condition.

. Longevity: A well maintained car can run smoothly for longer period of time. So not only you save money by regularly servicing the car on expensive and bigger repairs but also you increase the lifespan of the car to a great extent.

. Insurance claim: A car which has not been serviced yet can invalidate the insurance claim. When you car has been damaged in an accident you can claim on your insurance. Once you made a claim, they will first check your service history to calculate the pre-accident value. No service can result in total loss and you must pay all by your own.

. Resell value: A well maintained car can draw a good amount on the resell price as compared to the poor conditioned vehicle.

. Interim service: The interim car service includes 35 actions including four kinds of changes and four kinds of top-ups. Engine oil, oil filter and wheel nut torque are changed and clutch fluid, power steering reservoir, and brake fluid are toped up. The mechanics at the garages check tyre pressure, windscreen and other parts of the vehicle. If the parts require to be changed, the car owner is informed about it. Any work required including repair and replacement done in this phase can save from any expensive repairs in future.

This is more extensive service which includes 61 action points. All the actions taken in the interim service are performed here along with additional top-ups, changes and check-ups. Depending upon the type and make of the vehicle additional check-ups and top-ups such as axle oil, gearbox fluid, coolant or anti-free strength etc are undertaken.


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