Top 5 Bicycle Maintenance Tips for Beginners

A cyclist’s bicycle is one of their most treasured possessions. Some use them as a means of transport, for exercise, or even for recreation or competitions. When you own a bike, you have no otherwise but to ensure that it is well-maintained at all times.

Just like the case for a vehicle, failure to service your bicycle is an avenue for mechanical problems to arise. To avoid all that, you have to keep your bike in check at all times; otherwise, you would end up using up lots of money in repairs.

This post will take you through five popular bike maintenance tips:

Keep it clean

This might sound too obvious, but some cyclists often disregard cleaning their bicycles. Doing so more often increases its life span and also provides you with a better riding experience.

You don’t need to have some fancy cleaning kits, but a bucket of water, soap, a sponge, or a brush is all you need. It is also recommended that you use a degreaser once in a while to help in breaking down the grit found in the chains and gear sprockets.

Keep your tires properly inflated

When your tires aren’t properly inflated, they become prone to punctures. Hand pumps are okay to have, but only for emergency cases. The best type to get is the standing track pump that comes with a pressure gauge.

This helps you to determine how much air to pump in since different tires handle specific PSI levels. If you don’t have one, you can always get them from some of the best Melbourne bicycles shops.

Check your brake pads

Good brakes are an essential part of a bicycle since they also determine your safety (and that of others) while on the track. If the grooves are worn out, they have to be fitted in with new ones before you continue with your cycling adventures.

The clamp on the brakes handles also shouldn’t be loose. You ought to clean the breaks regularly to silence them if they become squeaky. Moreover, you should also tighten the barrel (not too much also) so that you can break easily and even during emergencies.

Check the tire and wheel bearings

For you to experience a smooth ride, your bike should have a well-maintained tire and wheel bearings. Once in a while, you can use a bike stand (or just turn your bike upside down) and check if the wheels spin smoothly. Should they move in a coarse or gritty manner, they will have to be checked by a professional. This is because they might require truing, straightening, or anything else.


Lubrication for your bike is crucial for the bike’s long lifespan. It saves it from the corrosion or rust that comes as a result of excessive friction. Some of the parts that need regular lubrication are:

  • Chain
  • Brake and shifter levers
  • Derailleur cables
  • Pedals


The best way to take care of your bike is to simply keep it clean at all times. You should also inspect it as often as you can and take note of any arising issues. Once the problems have been identified at the onset, you can easily prevent further damage and safety hazards.

Aside from home maintenance, you can also look for Melbourne bicycle professionals to help in the repair and regular maintenance of your most treasured possession.



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