Tekmetric: A World-Class Shop Management System

Technology is now integrated into every business, helping owners to manage their companies more effectively. The automotive industry, for example, uses a lot of software programs that aid manufacturers in producing new vehicles and transporting it to their dealerships. In 2015, a software program called Tekmetric was introduced, and it aims to simplify the management of automotive businesses. The creators of Tekmetric found out that there are no efficient shop management systems in the market, and they created one that would drastically enhance the performance of automotive businesses. After it was released in 2015, many automotive business owners decided to run it into their computers, and they were satisfied with the results.

A shop management system is a software program that provides a one-stop shop for all actions required to manage a business. It is effective to use in the automotive industry because of the numerous actions that are needed to be completed to satisfy the needs of the customers. Having an active shop management system running in the background would ensure business owners that everything inside their auto shop and dealership is in perfect condition. The founders of Tekmetric have shown their dedication to helping business owners across the United States by providing the software for free. They also offer free upgrades every time the software is innovated. Tekmetric also has a dedicated customer support hotline that could help clients with their inquiries about their product.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Tekmetric is how it works and what its purposes are. Tekmetric is a system that requires to be installed in a desktop, laptop, or a handheld device. Once the system has been installed, business owners could gain access to the departments within their shop or the dealership through various applications and panels. There are different types of applications, and it can be activated depending on the shop’s needs. Most automotive business owners are saying that installing Tekmetric within their computer system made it easier for them to track everything. Here are some of the features that one could enjoy after installing the Tekmetric system:

  • The Tekmetric system is equipped with a calendar that displays the scheduled activities, making it easier to set up appointments with clients and customers. Creating a new activity on the calendar would provide the users an option to set up a notification which will remind them of the tasks that they would need to accomplish within the day.
  • Another advantage for the Tekmetric system is the digital vehicle diagnostics that can be accessed through the software. This allows faster diagnosis on the vehicle, reading all of the codes that point out to the specific problems experienced by the vehicle. The digital vehicle diagnostics is fairly accurate, as it communicates with the vehicle’s computer system to find out what’s wrong
  • Tekmetric could also track down the number of parts available in a dealership or an auto shop, and it can send a notification to the business owner or the head of the parts department about the status of a part. It can also place orders for a particular part and track it down until it is delivered into the shop.
  • Automotive business owners are also saying that the shop management system can be accessed anywhere. Since the system is compatible with smartphones, business owners could connect their devices to the internet, and start checking how their business performs. It can show reports about the sales figures, and other factors that have been set up by the business owner.

The Tekmetric shop management system is one of the most reliable in the market today, and it is expected to change the whole industry and transform it for the better.

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