5 Great Performance Upgrades for Your Toyota Hilux

If you drive a Toyota Hilux, you want the highest level of performance from your truck that’s mechanically possible. When you’re driving off road or towing a heavy load, there’s no time to get bogged down by a slow engine or an underperforming suspension. We’ve gone ahead and compiled five of today’s top Toyota Hilux performance upgrades. Let’s take a look at them.

DPF Delete Exhaust

If you’re looking to put a little boost in your Hilux, switching out your factory build exhaust is an easy way to do so. Going for a DPF delete exhaust pipe will remove your truck’s diesel particle filter. This little gizmo gets added on by the manufacturer to keep fine particles from getting into the atmosphere but, unfortunately, it’s at the cost of your engine’s power and fuel efficiency. By getting rid of this filter, you’ll open up your Hilux to a whole new range of power.

ECU Remapping

If switching out the exhaust isn’t enough for you and you want even more power and fuel economy, Hilux ECU remapping is exactly what you need. By re-calibrating your Hilux’s internal computer, you’ll be able to dial in exactly how much torque your truck’s engine is putting out. Just be sure to get an ECU remapper that’s tuned to your Hilux!

Heavy Duty Clutch

When you’re loaded out with a heavy load or if you’re towing something, does your Hilux struggle to make it up hills? Is it acting sluggish when you’re driving off road? It might be time to upgrade to a four-terrain buy valium bristol heavy duty clutch. Upgrading your clutch will significantly increase the amount of torque transmitted from your engine to the transmission. No more worrying about making it up the next big hill.

Throttle Control

Adding a throttle control to your Hilux might not give you free horsepower but it will greatly boost your acceleration rate. With a throttle controller installed, when you depress the accelerator, your truck will smoothly ramp up the acceleration to 100%. You’ll have faster and more forceful acceleration perfect for towing heavy loads uphill or off road.

Heavy Duty Tow Bar

Really, if you’re wanting to tow anything heavy, especially off road, you need to invest in one of these. Don’t risk damaging your Hilux by putting unwarranted stress on it. A quality heavy duty tow bar is built to take up to two-and-a-half tonnes of weight, taking the strain off your ride. Invest in some durability and save yourself some repairs.

Get Your Upgrades Today!

If you’re wondering where you can find all of these products, we’d recommend that you check out PPD Performance. They’ve got a wide selection of upgrade options for your Toyota Hilux and they can help you get set up today. You can call them or shop on their website to find out more information about their huge range of products. Don’t settle for the factory build when you could take your Hilux to the next level.


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