5 reasons why drinking and driving is a bad idea

Whether you’ve been to a party, out for a meal with friends or you’ve spent a little longer in the bar after work than you normally would, we all know when we’ve had a little too much to drink. It’s in these moments that we all have to make a crucial decision: do I drive back home or not?

You’ll be pleased to hear that most people are sensible and understand that driving whilst under the influence is not only illegal but also incredibly dangerous and selfish. And yet there is a percentage of people who still think it’s ok to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. Whether they think they won’t get caught, or don’t understand the influence that alcohol can have on their ability to drive, the amount of people who still drink and drive is worrying.

The consequences of driving whilst under the influence are severe, to say the least, so read on for 5 reasons why drinking and driving is a bad idea.

You may be required to have an IID installed

If you’re convicted of a DUI, then having an IID installed in your vehicle may be part of the terms of your punishment – want to know more about this breathalyzer in a car? Click the link. An ignition interlock device ensures that the driver is safe and sober to drive and won’t allow the vehicle to be started unless the driver blows into the device and confirms their fit to drive first.

You may go to jail

Do you fancy some jail time? Getting caught driving under the influence often means a jail sentence. A jail term is much more likely if you cause damage to property or injure or kill someone else.

Your insurance premiums will go up

After being caught driving under the influence, you’ll be then classed as a high-risk driver. Which means you’ll no longer get to enjoy the lower premiums you may have gotten used to. In fact, many convicted drink drivers claim that they can no longer afford to drive due to their increased premiums.

You could kill or hurt someone

Could you live with that on your conscience? When you get behind the wheel drunk, your reactions are slower and your cognitive abilities impaired. Making it more likely that you’ll hit someone.

It could financially cripple you

Legal fees, fines, compensation, increased insurance premiums, court fees and civil penalties. You could even lose your job. In short, a DUI is not cheap.


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