7 Tips For New Drivers That You Can’t Learn In The Driving Schools

You are out of driving school – congratulations! You have got your driver’s license. Now you probably can’t wait to hit the roads. But is that all? Driving on the actual road can be nerve-wracking. There is no one besides you instructing and helping to steer the streets. The real test starts when you are alone for the first ten minutes on the road – and you reckon there are certain things you never learned out of driving school.


You are quite lucky if you have your parents or siblings to run for the advice, but that’s not always the case. You need to prepare extra to drive in the real world – where it’s a hot mess on every road. Experience is the best teacher. You need to go out there to stay calm and learn in your ways. Here are seven tips that you will never learn out of driving school.

Following the simplest rules

There are several simple rules that everyone should follow. Since you are out of the driving school – you can’t boast about breaking the rules. Even the experienced drivers won’t know the merge rules. Being extra cautious on the road will save you from any mishaps. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Know your rules, brush up all the knowledge before hitting the road. Avoid road rage; it will leave with nothing. Don’t be overconfident and multitask during driving like talking on the phone, drinking coffee, or eating, especially if you are new to driving. Another best thing about knowing rules will save you from tickets – you don’t want them!

Know beforehand how to merge correctly

One of the most nerve-wracking moments for the rookie drivers is merging in the lanes. It is quite tricky to rush in the traffic when you are still learning the ways of driving the traffic. The solution is not to panic and stay composed. You might get honked a lot, but remaining calm will help you steer.

Don’t make any sudden moves. Look out for how the traffic is moving. Turn on the blinkers and slowly steer your way into the gap of the lane. The key is to be patient. If you can master, you may plan for a road trip with your friends. Pack your roof racks and enjoy cruising down the road.

Adjusting your mirrors

Always adjust the mirrors before you start driving. You will need the help of all the mirrors to see the blind spots. Wrong or no adjustments in the mirror could leave you in an uncomfortable position. It’s dangerous if you try and adjust them while driving – as you can lose control over the car.

Rear View mirrors have their night mode. Yes! Very few people know that you can adjust your rearview mirror for the night time. How to adjust it? Very easy, tilt the tab underside your mirror, that will flip the mirror into the night mode. In the new and advanced cars, night mode is automatic; still, you have to be vigilant about it.

Practice parking

We did not become parking masters, straight out of driving school. Parking is the topic of panic between new drivers. Inexperienced drivers get flustered over reverse and parallel parking. It is essential to stay calm and take your time – if loose cool, you might take even more time while parking, especially if other drivers are waiting in the line.

What you can do is the practice in the empty parking lot. Take the help of more experienced drivers in the family or friends. Take your time to maneuver in close spaces. Eventually, you will be less panicky while parking in a busy lot.

Checking intersections after green lights are on

You might have learned in the school; green lights mean you go! Many times the green light rule won’t work if there is traffic ahead of you – filled with a mix of sleepy drivers, impatient drivers, and many weird drivers all around. You can’t be aggressive with such types, and it will lead to some unwanted headache you didn’t ask. Keep your concentration on the road and watch the traffic.

Even if the green lights are on, don’t hurry into crossing the intersections. Sometimes traffic light jumpers are driving as fast as they can. The red light jumpers are the core cause of many deadly accidents. Heavy truckers sometimes won’t be able to stop at the lights due to speed and weight. Keep watch on such incidents to avoid mishaps.

Awareness of the environment around you

It is necessary to be conscious of the surroundings when you are driving. Even if there is an empty road, you have to be vigilant about crossings or any pedestrians walking roadside. Don’t blast sound systems in your car at a point where you can’t hear outside sounds. If you miss the horn of the overtaking vehicle, you might crash into them.

New drivers tend to look in front of the car out of fear. But it is essential to look way ahead on the road. It will help you to spot any problems on time and redirect your car accordingly. Staying alert will help you to stay safe on the road. Don’t think other drivers are at their best; the road is the dangerous place – always be vigilant.

What to do when you are running out of fuel

When you are in the middle of nowhere, and your fuel indicator turns on. Say your prayers to the gods? No! But there is a bunch of stuff you can do. First, stop your car in a safe zone, search for the nearest fuel station, and set navigation to it. Next, you might want to drive fast, but that won’t help. Driving slow and steady will help you with your mileage.

Avoid too much racing and breaking. Turn off the air conditioners, which will save much stress on the engine. The same goes for high productivity accessories like phone chargers and stereo. Rolling up your car windows will help in reducing air resistance on the vehicle. These hacks will save you, yet we have mentioned already, better be safe than sorry. Plan your mileages before, and don’t forget to fill up tanks on time.

For all the new drivers out there, a safe driver is a confident driver. Don’t try to enter race mode with other vehicles on the road, especially with trucks.  Staying calm and patient will help you and other drivers too. Apart from all that, the essential part is to enjoy the ride. Having fun while driving is a memorable part of life. So enjoy and stay safe on the road.

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