Auto brands/dealerships on Instagram – How to buy likes on Instagram and other smart tips

Today, approximately 1 billion people make use of Instagram monthly. And the number is increasing with every passing day, despite the pandemic situation. Also, globally, car dealerships are leveraging Instagram to create the desired brand awareness and sell brand new cars. It’s necessary to have a smart Instagram marketing and business promotion strategy to get the best outcome. Posting informative content is all about managing social media. You also need to develop a community of active and loyal followers to fulfill the sales objectives.

How to buy likes on Instagram?

Followers get attracted to Instagram profiles with a decent, existing follower count. It makes them feel that the auto brand or the car dealership is genuine and has valid offers. Not all profiles on Instagram can accumulate a massive amount of likes uniformly. There are times when gaining followers and likes seem challenging. Does your car brand or dealership Instagram profile require a boost? If yes, you can go ahead and buy likes on Instagram. There are chosen service providers to help you get the best package depending on your brand requirement. It will seem that your profile has had an organic increase in the follower count.

A few other tricks that auto brands and car dealers can use

Are you all set to launch or enhance your car brands or dealerships’ Instagram strategy? If yes, then you need to keep the following smart tips in mind.

1. Make sure to optimize the Instagram profile

In the automobile industry, first impressions make a huge difference. Going through the Instagram business account is the initial interaction a user or car lover has with a brand. And hence, it is essential to try your best to leverage Instagram and make more sales. It starts with optimizing the Instagram business profile. Make sure that your business data is correct and added to your profile. It should have details like the brand name, contact details, address as well as website URL.

That is not all! Ensure that you opt-in for a recognizable profile image. All the photos that you select should let the customers know about your identity and the car business that you do. The majority of the car dealerships make use of their storefront, brand logo, and various other identifiable business features in their profile.

2. Resort to third part Instagram tools to better your business

The Instagram app provides a world of options. There’s ample content flexibility. And fortunately, there are the third-party tools and apps that enable you to:

  • Analyze the present Instagram performance.
  • Schedule your Instagram posts before time.
  • Plan the feed appearance.

Are you facing any issue with your Instagram marketing and business promotion strategy? If yes, then you need to focus on that before the free trial for each tool. For example, if you are having the issues to decide on hashtags, you can opt-in for tools dedicated to hashtag creation. When you fail to maintain a continuity to post on Instagram, the best scheduling tools like Later or Buffer are crucial. These tools will bring in the required benefits, but you also need to check your budget. So, research the tool segment before you take a subscription. When you do this, it allows you to decide if the tool is necessary or can do without it.

3. Plan your Instagram Content Strategy

If you are sharing car pictures from your iPhone, then it isn’t a good Instagram strategy. It would be best if you indeed gained followers and likes, but that’s not all. You have to realize if this is a sustainable move to grow your business and generate consistent sales. You also have an option to plan every post, thinking of the bigger picture. Instagram is known for its high-end photos as well as creating content that you can generate. You can share this content through IGTV posts and Instagram Stories. For instance, you can plan your Instagram videos and photos on the following topics:

  • The latest inventory arrivals.
  • Maintenance tips and car service.
  • The “How-to” content.
  • Brand new promotions.
  • An inside story about your staffs.
  • The vehicle troubleshooting tips.

When you lack a content strategy, you go directionless with your posts. It is necessary to make sure that you know the content you want to share and plan and curate it with dedication. Take time to make your posts original and make informed content planning decisions.

4. Become friends with Instagram analytics

The car dealership can’t make updated Instagram decisions when you lack data to support the choices. Here you need to use Instagram analytics in the correct way:

  • Community and audience – You need to track your audience growth while knowing more about the community. It comprises of your gender, location, age, and active times in a day.
  • Content success – You probably have to look into the comments, saves, and likes that your videos and pictures have garnered. You also need to check the data you shared to decipher the engagement that it led to.
  • Activity – It helps you to follow all that’s taking place in your profile, which comprises of button clicks, profile visits, and impressions.

These are a few ways in which auto brands and car dealerships can use Instagram to their advantage.


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