Thinking of buying a used car? Here’s why you should

Most of us don’t dream of buying a used car. In a perfect world where money grows on trees, we’d have a brand-spanking new car that’s never been driven. However, used cars are nothing to sneer at. In fact, many people would say that a used car is better than a new one.

So, if you’re feeling a little sceptical about buying a car that’s already been around the block, think again. Here’s why you should feel excited about buying a used car.

Insurance cost

We all know how expensive insurance can be, especially if you’re a new driver or live in a high-crime neighborhood. However, buying a used car ensures that your auto insurance will be significantly lower than that of a new car. So, you’ll know that you’re covered if you’re ever in an accident or your car is stolen.

Upfront cost

It might seem obvious, but the upfront cost of your used car will also be much lower than a new car. Like most products, the price of a car will reduce whenever a new model becomes available. So, not only will a used car be cheaper than a brand-new car, but an older model will be cheaper than a more current one. Just do your research and make sure that the model is reliable.


Some used cars still have a percentage of their original warranties, meaning that you save money. Alternatively, you can create a new warranty. Either way, the money you’ve saved buying the used car means that you can afford to make sure your car gets properly repaired if anything goes wrong.


When you’re looking for a used car, you’ll be faced with much more variety. Garages selling used cars will have hundreds of makes and models to choose from, whereas garages only selling new cars won’t have the same level of choice. There’s nothing more exciting than going to a used car garage and knowing that you have plenty of cars to explore.

Environmental impact

It’s no secret that plenty of cars have a terrible impact on the environment. Car fumes emit air pollution and greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. But that’s not all. The manufacturing of cars leaves a footprint, too. So, by buying a used car, you’re getting a car that has already been made and used, as opposed to encouraging the industry to keep making new cars.

The story 

Many car enthusiasts love a used car because they’re a little quirky. They tell a story about the previous owner. Perhaps it has a cool mileage number or some engraving. There might be something left inside the boot. Who was this person and what did they use the car for? A new car comes straight from a factory, whereas a used car has seen the world and been to different places. It might have had a previous owner, but now it’s your turn to take the wheel.

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