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Wednesday 21st July 1993

27 years ago

The new Saab 900 was launched in Trollhättan, Sweden. It included many breakthroughs includingAmong the Sensonic, an automatic clutch. The 'Sensonic' clutch variant, provided a manual gear lever as in a standard manual transmission car, but omitted the clutch pedal in favour of electronics which could control the clutch faster than an average driver. When a driver started to move the gear shift knob/gear selector lever, a computer-controlled actuator operated the clutch. With the car in gear but stationary, the clutch was released only when throttle was applied. If neither brake nor gas pedal was depressed, a warning tone sounded and a message flashed on the on-board display, and if no action was taken after 7 seconds, the engine was shut off. The second generation 900 was also the first Saab car with a 6 cylinder engine.

Saab 900 (2nd generation)

Saab 900 (2nd generation)